Monday, 19 April 2010

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book Non-Review

I was going to capsule review the new Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook but then I decided not to bother. After all if Mongoose can't be bothered, neither can I.

Here's the problem. The back blurb and the press release say;

"The first book in this range brings you the core rules, introduces the Kai Lord character class and presents three introductory scenarios to get you started."

Except that it doesn't. The book contains one scenario.

That's right just one. Not three. Not the "probable three nights of entertainment" you might expect from a book that "presents three introductory scenarios". Now just "probable one night of entertainment".

The rest of the book is pretty good and a nice homage to the old days, even down to including the random number matrix and a chargen system that is spot-on to that in the first few gamebooks. But when you advertise three and deliver one that isn't acceptable. I'm prepared to accept that it's almost certainly poor editing rather than deliberate mis-advertisment. But that goes back to that "bothered" thing. If you can't even get that bloody right on the back of your bloody book then why should I be bothered when you couldn't be. On a quick skim-through (looking for my missing two scenarios) I've spotted two mistakes and that's before I've read it properly.

Do it properly or not at all.


  1. Bleh. That's really disappointing. :-/

  2. I believe both adventures were combined into one, then the '3rd' released for free via the Signs and Portents PDF.