Thursday, 22 April 2010

Now Playing - Beneath Nightmare Castle

Picked this up off eBay last year for something stupid like 50p or 99p. I got it because it was illustrated by the very Cthuloid Dave Carson who did so many of the Cthulhu illos in Dwarf in the 1980s but it's a little bit disappointing on that front - lacks the intricate detailing of stuff like his Dagon work. Perhaps it was done for the rent! Despite the prominent J/L splash on the cover it's actually written by Peter Darvill-Evans.

Anyway this is a highly rated Horror/Fantasy crossover so I've started to play this properly with the dice and all. First effort saw a death in three paragraphs (the book tricked me - after being untied in a prison cell I took the option to search the cell before fleeing because it seemed like it was an obvious "do this to find something vital" choice and of course - it wasn't) and second effort saw me recover a glowing green globe from beneath an abandoned tower before that exploded upon exposure to sunlight and took out most of the surrounding geography. This looks to be quite a good one so far, very open-ended with the option to explore a city and a decent atmosphere that's quite WFRP-like. Moonrunner and Legend of the Shadow Warriors are another couple of FF books that betray a clear "Warhammer World" influence.

Something floating around on the blogosphere of FF interest is noisms's running of Seas of Blood as a democratic exercise. Post in the comments as to your choice and the game follows the majority vote with noisms handling the dice. Neat idea, wish I'd thought of it first.

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  1. Shadow Warriors, Dead of Night and, in particular, Moonrunner are brilliant gamebooks, easily among the best in the whole series. One of my ongoing projects is to run Moonrunner as a multiplayer campaign, although I keep changing my mind over the system I'd use.