Monday, 31 May 2010

Games Expo Next Weekend

Games Expo 2010 is coming up next weekend. Personally I'm starting to feel a little bit ho-hum about it all.

Firstly, it's gone up quite a bit in price. It's now £8 per day or £16 for a three-day weekend pass which isn't really a helpful saving as the "third" day is actually just free gaming in the hotel on Friday night and frankly I don't see that as worth paying extra for. I can go to my own club for that.

Also, there's nothing that I really want to buy. I quite fancy a Chessex Pound O' Dice but that's about it as the wargames traders have come to the conclusion that Expo attracts the wrong crowd so are all steadily dropping out.

And then there isn't much I want to do. Last year on the Sunday we just sort of hung around, looked at stuff and had a pint or two but I don't see that that is really worth travelling into Brum on a Sunday and paying out £8 for. The chance to meet Jackson and Livingstone on the Saturday is an attraction but really I don't do the whole hero worship business and while getting Steve J. to sign my copy of "Orange Book" Fighting Fantasy would be cool, I don't really feel right as a a 36 year old man asking other men for autographs. All a wee bit child-like.

Couple with the recent op and not wanting to stray too far from home and I might just knock it on the head and do something else that weekend.


  1. What is 'the wrong crowd'?

  2. Had to reread that post to discover whereabouts I had written "wrong crowd"!

    By that I mean that the wargames traders didn't find much custom in the "crowd" so have been dropping out over the past two years so that wargamers like me are now less interested, so that wargames traders drop out etc. etc.

  3. Oh, a bit of a death spiral then?

    Is it the case that there's too many 'gamers', not enough 'hobbyists' - i.e. the people who populate the GW and shove plenty of revenue their way?