Monday, 17 May 2010


I'd always assumed that the name of Fang's overlord Baron Sukumvit was just a funky word that Ian Livingstone had invented whole cloth. Apparently not...

(From The Guardian)

"All day the Thai army has been using armoured troop carriers to move soldiers beyond their positions towards the red-shirts fortified camp.

The troops are rolling out coils of razor wire across new streets, claiming more and more of the no-man's land between their sand-bagged defences and the redshirts' guards.

They are also working to clear routes for larger vehicles through the rest of the city.
Popular tourist strip Sukhmuvit Road is progressively being shut down by the army, who are blocking off side streets and moving traffic away from the thoroughfare. It appears the military is getting ready to move troops in, rapidly, to confront the red-shirts at their barricades."

Not having been to Thailand I didn't know that Sukhumvit Road (The Grauniad seems to be reviving it's much beloved tradition of typos) is a famous road in the Bangkok's tourist district. T

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  1. There's a lot of east Asian stuff in the books. Most of the places in The Shamutanti Hills are from a backpacking holiday Steve Jackson took, in Thailand again, I think.