Monday, 31 May 2010

Where We're Going We Won't Need Eyes To See

I had corrective laser eye surgery last Thursday, hopefully putting paid to 30 years of being badly astigmatic. It's quite a big thing really, a lot of people I mentioned it to regard it as something of a glorified labour-saving measure, pointing out that it will remove me from the hassle and expense of contact lenses and glasses. I find it more than that, I personally hold it to be a way of defying the hand of cards dealt out to me at birth that predefined me as short-sighted and, let's be honest, massively defined who the man who I would grow up to be would become. We're all geeks, we all know what I'm talking about and it's a valid question as to whether my interest in games, geekery, computing and sci-fi would have developed if I hadn't been prescribed with glasses from the age of six. I'd probably be somewhere else doing something different right now.

The speed with which my vision has gone from a crappy -6 to pretty reasonable has been remarkable over a long weekend, but still some distance to go. This will knock my gaming about, while it's good enough for close focusing and getting about (so far I've painted up a Citadel Termagaunt just to check if I've got my eye in and read the first two books of Asimov's Foundation series as well as been passed legally OK to drive and therefore got out and about), the eyes tire towards the end of the day and night visibility is seriously hampered by the glare of other car's headlights. So I probably won't be gaming at either club for a fortnight or so, as they come at the end of the working day and require a night drive home afterwards. Don't yet know what effect that will have up any blogging activity.

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