Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chasing Cards

Head off to Worcester on evening train.

Discover, happily just before I set out, that the return fare is £6.60 from my local station but only £3.50 from the next station along, a mere five minutes down the railway line. Head off in open-topped car it being height of English summer, get mile down the road before some unfamiliar sort of water droplets start tumbling from the sky. Find pub car park to pull up in and erect lid.

Get to Stourbridge.

Discover that road to station is closed for roadworks, blatantly disregard road cones and "NO ENTRY" signs to get to station carpark.

Wait for train. Train appears.

Train goes through Kidderminster, reminisce about the longhaired sixth form days when I had a near-100% pull ratio in this town and seriously wondered what was going into the local water supply to cause this curious female anomaly. Then wonder why I never considering buying here when I left home.

Get to Worcester. Remember that I've forgotten what a dump the city centre is on an evening. Litter and tramp city.

Go to Manaleak, the CCG specialist shop that is open from 8-11 seven days a week by virtue of being a back room in a convenience store, buy a load of MTG boosters, some sleeves and a funky tin deck box. Get stared at by regulars for being an unfamiliar face.

Longish wait for train back so go to Weatherspoons pub, spend £9-odd on steak, chips and pint of Abbot Ale. Worry that steak is taking so long to arrive that next train will go and have to wait another thirty-odd minutes for next one.

Back to train, no direct train at this time of night so change at Droitwich Spa, wait ten minutes on platform in town, precise geographic position of which I have no knowledge, for next train to come along.

Get to Stourbridge.

Head home. Get there for gone ten.

Feet up on settee, kettle on for big, big mug of Hot Chocolate, open boosters.

Discover that epic evening train trip has yielded precisely two cards that appear to be immediately useful.

What finer way is there to spend a summer evening? :)

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