Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Questing Knight Games

I got on the train on Saturday and went over to Questing Knight Games in Wellington, Shropshire. This isn't a new store, but is new to me since I don't know this part of the World at all well and I only recently discovered that it's virtually opposite the platform at a train station that is on the same line as Wolverhampton, so is actually quite accessible from Coop Towers.

Half an hour on a very crowded train to Shrewsbury later and I alighted in a fairly typical Salopian market town.

Questing Knight Games is a small unit with a small gaming table and two-and-a-half walls of stock. The owner was very friendly, I had a nice chat about gaming and how these independent GW stockists nearly always have better stock levels than the actual GW stores do. There was a small game of War of the Ring going on, I picked up a box of 20mm Valiant WW2 American Infantry (nice models) and some MTG cards in order to make the trip worthwhile.

Not sure I'll be back that often, it cost £6.60 on the train but with good GW stock, I may well decide to patronise that shop on weekends for future GW stuff rather than suffer the usual mix of redshirt hassle and poor stock at the local Workshops.

Recommended for a visit if you are in the Telford area.

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