Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Quick Review of Green Ronin's Dragon Age In Pictorial Form


equals this...

That is all.


  1. This = That = both good?

    I've quite enjoyed the Dragon Age Xbox game - I had to turn the difficulty down when I couldn't beat a bunch of skeletons early on and am currently on the final battle - and while I doubt I'll stray from (A)D&D and WFRP, it'd be useful to know if there was another way I could fritter away my money...

  2. It's an absolutely perfect substitute for the older 80s era box - it's boxed so actually looks like a game, cheap, tells a noob how to RP and has dice. I still hold Red Box Mentzer to be the ideal intro product so yes, I do think DA looks good based upon my reading of both slim pamphlets therein.

    I've been lent the 360 game by a friend who has finished it (and I might lend her the box RPG as I've long suspected she might take to RPGs) but never got around to booting it up. I prefer the JPRG to the American ones TBH.

  3. JRPGs? Do they have 36 hour days in the Midlands? That's a lot of cut scenes.

    DA: Origins best feature is the origin stories - it makes playing through the first few hours of the game a handful of times a worthwhile experience, and from one of these alternate origins a second playthrough might be in order - if only to take all the 'bastard' options.

  4. I completely agree. I was immediately inspired to run the game with my group, but they all grumbled about not liking the Dragon Age setting, even when I waved the official Freeport adaptation at them. Bah.

    It's a neat game, keeping the light feel of the Red Box, but with enough of a modern polish in the mechanics to make it feel new. I love the stunt/wild die mechanic.