Monday, 2 August 2010

Contains Mild Fantasy Peril

This is the first time I've found this Russ Nicholson pic online and it's a hand-tinted version from the iPhone version of Warlock of Firetop Mountain. The original was pure mono like all the best Old Skool Britart.

When I was a small boy I had a children's book with this picture in it AND WE LIKED IT! And we used to drink party cans of keg lager and drive home. Whilst smoking. With somebody else's wife and car keys. Having mixed radial and crossply on the same axle.

Bloody kids gone bloody soft these days.


  1. Amen brother! Russ has his own blog now which is cool, I was always a huge fan of his work.

  2. I'll confess to being pleased with the original when I drew 'it', and doubly pleased, when a couple of the UK papers selected this particular image for extra vilification 'as being a disgrace for being shown in a 'children's' book'.

    I'm not responsible for the colouring in this case as it's part of a project being done in France, which I'm not directly involved with.

  3. A fabulous pic. I remember when Jamie Thomson was writing one of the FF books, his text all full of gore and brains being splattered, and one of the Puffin editors sent him a letter saying sniffily that "the most effective writing is achieved through understatement" and Jamie replied, "FFS, it's a fantasy gamebook, not a Regency romance!"

  4. 28 years later, when I think 'ghoul', I think this pic.