Monday, 9 August 2010

Lost Treasures Of The Spare Bedroom

I was sorting out the spare bedroom this evening and filling binbags of rubbish and clutter I'm determined to not keep around the house anymore and came across a few file boxes. This one was a nice surprise...

No labelling or anything, let's look inside...

Bloody hell, B/X, where that did come from?

Not only Moldvay but also two copies of Cook (one in excellent condition, one very tatty), Isle of Dread and Keep On The Borderlands and I've found my old flashing LED D6s that I thought were lost in a housemove.

Now I knew that I owned a tatty copy of Moldvay but this clearly isn't it. I suspect that the big dice date this to about 8 years ago when I bought my house. I guess the books were thrown together in the file box at my parents house, transported up to my new house along with a million other things in the boot of my old Ford Puma and overlooked in the haste to get moved in. I remember having these dice at my parents but not having seen them since - they are quite funky, cast in translucent coloured plastic with a small circuit board inside. When bounced off a hard surface, a spring-mounted contact usually engages and starts the LEDs inside flashing on and off for 20 seconds or so. It looks like the little watch batteries have gone flat since only one of them works now.

That was a nice surprise and the OSR's version of choice. Instant OSR cred!