Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Back into Dragonfire Castle...

15% Survival rate?

Save or die?

Save or die potentially on the very first tile draw?

Player elimination?

A viciously, unrepentantly brutal and unfair mocking of everything that should make for good game?

Fantasy Flight Games Reissue?

£45 at FLGS after my club membership discount?

Oh, yes!

I hugged it all the way home on the train. :)


  1. I haven't played the new one yet; I love the 80s version GW put out. How does this one stand up?

  2. The main difference is that the combat system has been changed and is massively "overspecced" for what the game is. Boardgamegeek will give you a good rundown but essentially the new combat system has all the signs of being a clever mechanism looking for a game to live in and it really shouldn't be this one. The game is about not fighting monsters and stealing their loot, not fighting them. That's a quick way to get killed.

    I intend to use the old system in future.

    My gaming friend Antony who knows the GW version inside-out claims there are a few tiny changes such as rotating rooms being searchable for secret doors and a two round search window not just the one.

    The characters are all different and the Dungeonquest Catacombs expansion is rolled up into the game which I feel makes the survival rate closer to 25% than the old 15%.

  3. I had heard something about the combat system being a bit overelaborated upon.

    Yeah, allowing Searching in a rotating room is a change. That's nice. You are allowed to search twice in the GW version, though, so that wouldn't be a change.

    Thanks for the info. I haven't played with the Catacombs expansion, so that'll be something cool and new to check out.