Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cthulhu Dice - The RPG

I think that this looks fantastic in it's simplicity and all-inclusiveness. I'd love to run it and the way it handles skills by having a wide-ranging "career" and a narrowly-focused "hobby" is fantastic. If it's covered by either you've got it, if not you haven't. Handles my main gripe with skill-based RPG systems which is that there ends up being 200 of the bloody things each with their own exceptions to the main rules.

There is a display tray of packs of the Steve Jackson Cthulhu Dice at Waylands Forge, I must remember to pick one up next time I am in there.

If an introductory mass market paperback ever comes out again with an RPG system for begineers in the modern day it needs to be something this simple and elegant.

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