Monday, 27 September 2010

Down Periscope, Stare Into The Eye Of The Warp And Despair

Eyesight correction laser surgery part 2 is due on Thursday so I'm probably going a bit "down periscope" for a week or so. At time of writing I'm uncertain whether the op will be as relatively minor as the first session or a bit more major (corrective sessions sometimes have to be more invasive than the first shot due to loss of corneal thickness) so everything for the rest of the year is pretty much on hold. Rest assured the procedure is somewhat more sophisticated than Dave Carson's illustration of ergasiophobia from a Call of Cthulhu article in WD89 makes it appear.

In the meantime have some random Britart from the Coop Collection.

(Yes, it's true, Games Workshop jigsaw puzzles. Note however that not one of those images is actually a Games Workshop image.)

(It didn't seem to last very long. IIRC I had one issue of it, now lost to posterity)

(Yeah, OK this is not Britart being one of Lucas The Elder's treatments of Judith and Holofernes. But let's me honest, she is the most WFRP'y thing I've seen in ages. Bizarrely and wonderful grimdark-ish, it was once the vogue for female portraits to be done as a treatment of this Book of Judith tale complete with severed head. Certainly an icebreaker at dinner parties...)

(Yes, once upon a time Games Workshop actually thought that Tintin In The Congo might be good inspirational material for 28mm white metal.)

(And that attitude continues today...)


  1. So much Brit Fantasy goodness!

  2. From a complete stranger on the other side of the world who just happens to enjoy reading this blog, I hope the op goes as smoothly as possible, mate.

  3. (Yes, it's true, Games Workshop jigsaw puzzles. Note however that not one of those images is actually a Games Workshop image.)

    Are you sure? I'm certain the bottom-left image was a cover for one of the early FF books... /nitpickmode

    Good luck with the eye op mate. Hopefully this'll be the last of it.

  4. Cheers fellows - was looking forwards to first one, not so much now!

    Chris - The bottom two are FF covers but the four top ones, the ones described as 'Games Workshop' aren't. Just a load of stock artwork. Strange really, I would have thought they would have used in-house artwork like the Warhammer cover or similar.

  5. Weren't FF published by Puffin, not GW ?! so none of the jigsaw art was originally commissioned by GW.

    Also, the Warlock 10 cover based on a 12 year olds drawing re-done by Blanche. How cool is that!

    More support from random bloggers - good luck with the op.

  6. Good luck with the eye-op :)

    Nice to see the map of Alansia again ;)