Friday, 3 September 2010

White Dwarf 77 Contents Page

An old favourite from the 80s... :)

(Excuse the curious stitching - I had to put it together from two screenshots as the PDF was set up to reject the snapshot tool in both Acrobat and Foxit)


  1. I can't remember if Ian ever did contribute to WD after that. Probably not :)

  2. This was an issue I bought BITD (I only had the opportunity to visit anywhere that sold Dwarf periodically) and have to say I never noticed anything back then. Don't know if Mr. Ansell did, but I'm sure he has at some point since it went to the printers in 1986 :)

    If anybody is baffled, try looking very carefully and vertically at the sub-headings for the articles. I do admire the way this was shoe-horned in.

  3. oh, so that's what that was about.

  4. I can't see the subheadings clear enough!

    1. The first letter of each of the sub-headings under "Features" reads vertically as - "Sodoff". Combine that with the editorial :)