Thursday, 9 September 2010

Why Doesn't Warhammer Look Like This Anymore?

The Tragedy of McDeath Gamesmaster's Guide, John Blanche 1986

Completely and utterly mental.

(WFRP enthusiasts may notice that while this picture wasn't re-used in it's entirety, sub-sections from it appear all over the WFRP 1st edition rulebook.)


  1. I remember "Spot" the two headed chaos hound.
    These early Warhammer modules were great stuff.

  2. There's not enough John Blanche art in the gaming world nowadays.

  3. Because a major gaming company probably wouldn't hire John Blanche if he were a 21 year old applying for a job now. Gaming art, right across the board, has gone very slick, very professional, and very bland.