Saturday, 27 November 2010

Empire of The Petal Throne 1974 - A Pictorial Review

I had no idea this was still available until all the Tekumel posts started up in the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago and so I bought the 1974 version as a PDF for a mere $11.

It's wonderful - a great looking OD&D variant, written properly as opposed to the crib notes of the original brown box and the background is nowhere near as intimidating as I always believed it would be. Perhaps it's because it's from an era before the setting fetishists had got hold of it but I think also because Prof. Barker is relaxed enough to know that what most players would want is a "lite" version of his world, tweaked for dungeon-based RPGing. And that's what we get.

It's immediately leaped up to the top of the pile of "RPGs I want to play some day".

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  1. Play it! You'll never regret time spent in the world of Tekumel.