Monday, 15 November 2010

Powdered Rhinoman Horn

Citadel of Chaos illustration, Russ Nicholson.

Rhinoceros are illegally poached for their horn which is supposedly regarded as an aphrodisiac in China (this actually is a myth, it's really for traditional medicine to treat fevers and convulsions. But the poaching problem is real).

Allansia, the Fighting Fantasy world has intelligent Rhinomen (I used to treat them as Bugbears under Mentzer Red Box rules). Who have horns.

There's a lot of encounter material potential from combining those two ideas.


  1. Ha! I had almost this exact idea many moons ago when I first discovered the Fighting Fantasy source books (the copies of which I still refer to to this day). Had a breif encounter wherein the Rhinomen were being targeted by a local cult of hedonists who believed the horns did in fact have aphrodisiac qualities. The heroes were hired under false pretences to kill the supposedly nasty and malicious rhinomen, and bring back the horns as proof of the kill.
    I had a twist planned whereby the party would find out the real reason for the hunt, and then side with the rhinomen to take down the cult.

    Sadly, the twist never eventuated. My party at the time were particularly bloodthirsty, and proceeded to ravage a number of small rhinoman communities, before heading off to greater adventures, leaving behind piles of corpses, a group of well-horned cultists, and the beginnings of a small war of retribution/genocide.

    PC's, eh?

  2. Great minds think alike, Undergod, great minds think alike!

    That was pretty much what I was thinking. The only thing I'd add is the potential for the PCs to discover why relations between humans and Rhinomen are so bad and perhaps do something about it, earning the Rhinomen as allies. Perhaps.

    Or just realise another revenue stream after slaying umpty-thousand of them.

  3. Very cool story idea. Thanks for the idea!