Monday, 27 December 2010

Germans On British Old School

We appeared in a German-language post here.

I hope they didn't notice the post where I was extremely bloody rude about German book covers.


  1. Excellent - perhaps I'll take some OpenQuest and Albion Adventures to Eternal Con (Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany in June see,257.0.html for more details) as well as my HeroQuest stuff ;)

  2. oh yes and bagsy Will Scarlet as my Avatar in the UK OSR as represented by Robin of Sherwood ;)

  3. Oh, I had noticed your posts a while back (but I have to admit that I had forgotten it was on this blog).

    But you were so right about those covers... and the publishers can't even claim that they changed the covers to suit "German style sensitivities" (which is the main thrust of my blog posts - that the English Old School was closer to German sensitivities than the Gygaxian/TSR Old School). They were abysmal by any standard.

    (The Thienemann covers were closer to children's book design, which was Thienemann's main market, and I can only guess that Goldmann had a bulk contract with a fantasy/sf illustration agency...)

  4. ...the British Fantasy has a singular mixture from road grip and Mystik...

    Yep. That's the Brit Old School through and through: mystic road grip. Once again though, it takes a German to reveal to us our true selves.

  5. That made me laugh.

    I know this was more a stab at the inaccuracies of Google Translate but here is the correct meaning:
    "British fantasy is a unique mixture of being grounded in reality and mythical tradition." (as opposed to TSR's D&D fantasy which is more grounded in Hollywood and/or the western genre.)