Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Heroclix Blackest Night

Today I treated myself to the Heroclix Blackest Night starter set. It's absolutely beautiful.

The quality of the sculpting and finish is far ahead of anything else I have seen in Heroclix (admittedly from seeing it played rather than collecting it). Scarecrow is moulded with a translucent yellow plastic murder of crows circling around him, The Atom is effectively three models in one with three different sized Atoms on the base, the largest two of which are moulded in translucent indigo plastic thus creating a impression of him shrinking down from man-size to smaller - just as it would be drawn in a comic.

By getting that rid of that dreadful black wash they slap over everything, they've managed an ineffable "comic book" look as the models are all in flat colours devoid of shading and realistic "mutedness". I much prefer this look to the older, cack-handed attempts at "realism".

It's just a shame that the cheap DC 75th Anniversary commons I picked up at the same time are all a bit dull - tedious straight-up-and-down poses fit for shop window mannequins.

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