Monday, 27 December 2010

Risk Balance Of Power Apparently Very Popular

In the past week no less than 29 clicks from Google searches have ended up at fightingfantasist following searches all along the lines of "how to play Risk Balance of Power/Risk Balance of Power rules". And this happens every week. After John Blanche, the biggest single Google search subject that lands here is how to play this obscure two-player version of Risk that I mentioned ages ago (and have never actually sat down and played). Every single week. I check the stats and it is always that week's second biggest source of traffic. Most odd.


  1. Just like my blog and the Ninja Week lead off article. It's currently my most viewed page, and I assume it's mostly because of Google searches listing it (and the pictures) that is getting me the traffic.

  2. I get this with my Solomon Kane movie review, and I think I stumbled on the explanation while trying to do a search on "capybara death squad." The picture I used for my Solomon Kane review appeared in that search (I don't know how) and made me think people are finding the review through finding the image.