Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fighting Fantasist Dungeon Geomorphs I

Yep, we've gone down the route of cranking up GIMP and trying out a procedure for creating Geomorphs. All of these are arranged on a 10x10 grid with entrances on the 3rd and 8th row and column so will mate up to the works of people like Stonewerks, Dyson Logos, Risus Monkey and the excellent Dave's Mapper utility.

Consider these completely free-to-use for non-commercial ventures.

1 - Hidden Shrine

This is a concept that fascinates me in dungeon design, the idea of rooms that are totally sealed off from the rest of the dungeon, perhaps only accessible by magical means or from a higher or lower level. So what's so special or dreadful about the statue that is has to be sealed in like this?

2 - Golgotha Heights

Split into two to prohibit N/S egress (assuming you don't rotate the geomorph 90 degrees). The curious spur near the middle is either a cave-in or an unfinished passageway.

3 - Hypostyle Halls

What's a hypostyle hall? Basically a regular grid of flat-topped pillars holding up a ceiling, a feature of ancient Egyptian architecture. More here. Inspiration for this one comes from my holiday in Luxor a couple of years ago.

4 - Tomb of the Under-Bastard

A three-cornered arrangement where the bottom left corner is air-gapped off from the rest of the geomorph. I envisage the long corridor with secret doors at both ends as being a secret outflanking route for dungeon guards of some description.

5 - Fenella's Boudoir
(There's Lovely!)

A lot of the geomorphs floating around on the net are very "dense" with paper-thin walls and as much floorspace rammed into 10,000 square feet as possible. This is, I think, a bit more realistic as regards the ratio of solid space to thin air, after all something has to keep the weight of the upper levels up! Bottom corners both lead off to neighbouring geomorphs.

The bottom left dead-end is either a collapse or an unfinished passage.


  1. Nice work! I like how you are thinking about flow and lack of flow.

  2. Yes, good stuff - 4 is one of the best I've seen

  3. Good stuff. Welcome to the Geomorph collective!

  4. "Tomb of the Under-Bastard" is a superb turn of phrase, in a "does what it says on the tin" sense. If only more D&D naming conventions were so whimsical. I am interested in your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.