Friday, 11 February 2011

Fighting Fantasist Dungeon Geomorphs II

Five more GIMP-tastic dungeon geomorphs.

6 - Seven Secret Doors

I'm wondering if the six-sided room just to the right of the centre should have a secret door leading out into the room on the west. It would allow E/W travel. If you think so, just draw it on with black pen or something. The pit behind the secret doors is to catch out players that automatically assume they've found something good when they locate a hidden portal.

7 - Isolation

Nothing unusual about this one other than that it is designed to cap off the western neighbour of this geomorph. Again, you could draw doors on the geomorph to amend this.

8 - The Quincunx

This is breaking a design rule that I've tried to force myself to obey which is to avoid symmetrical designs which give the game away by admitting that everything is built up from tessellating 10x10 designs with regular portals leading to the next. But it's a neat idea and quincunx is a truly magnificent word so I'll let myself off with this one. Deserves to have something important in the centre of the central room.

9 - J6M6

The Eastern-most N/S passage runs underneath the two E/W exit passages. You might want to add a slopes or staircases or just assume that the passages floor is not very level and fudge a gradual 10' change in level.

10 - Basilica of Baphomet

Caps off entry from north or south of this geomorph unless the northern secret door is found. Has a sub-level of two rooms connected by an archway sunken below the level of the rest of the geomorph.

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  1. You inspired me to make a dungeon geomorph tonight. :)