Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fighting Fantazine

It's absolutely nothing to do with me or my blog (despite the very similar names) and it is rather good - Fighting Fantazine, the FF webzine which this issue contains an interview with John Sibbick of Warhammer 40,000:Rogue Trader, Realm of Chaos:Slaves To Darkness and some other GW stuff that doesn't have a colon in the title such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle III. Call me slow on the uptake, but the new issue is #5 and I had no idea it existed until a couple of days ago when I read about it on Andrew Wright's Fantasy Gamebook blog.

Good read, recommended.

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  1. Don't forget it also contains Jamie Fry's account of his visit to the lair of some dude called Ian Livingstone...name definitely rings a bell? ;-)