Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fighting Fantasist Dungeon Geomorphs VI - And A Question Related To Them.

Here's #16 which has secret passages coming out of it's arse (with added hypostyle).

And now the question - I've started knocking up a manuscript for a PDF ebook of my geomorphs with a eye to releasing it once there is a round number (say 100 or so). But which size would be best?

Scaled to 10cm x 10cm with a 1cm = 10' scale (admittedly this is implied), I can only get two of the full-size geomorphs on a page. Shrink them down to 5cm x 5cm, implying a scale of 5mm = 10' and you get three abreast and four deep for twelve per page. Any thoughts or preferences? What would make for a more useful (free) product?


  1. My recommendation would be two to a page. You're not limited on space when pdf-publishing, and it would be nice to have them larger in case folks want to print out and cut-out/embellish them.

  2. My recommendation would be to use the same scale that Dyson and I used, so that all tiles can be cut-up and mashed together. But of course, we are on the other side of the pond and haven't made the leap to metric.

    (6 geomorphs per page, 2 1/2" on a side)

  3. I've been printing these out at 7.5 cm (2.5 inches) and packing 'em at the sardine-like density of 12 to a page.

  4. Cheers fellas, looks like 2.5" is the way to go if it matches Risus Monkey and Dyson.

    BTW Glenn, 7.5cm is actually 3" (near enough, 3" - 7.62cm), 2.5" is 6.35cm.

  5. Can I make a plea for a lot more end-cap and corner geomorphs? I find myself running out of these quite frequently, so I'd love more.

  6. David - No you didn't, looks like I did! I'll post #15 next time I upload some more geomorphs