Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lets Play - Proteus #13, The Shadow of Shargan

OK three people rang the premium rate vote line and we have a 2:1 split in favour of following Ming the Merciless's fatter brother, court official Lai-Ti. So back we scurry to paragraph 2 (1,11,2 - we are getting all the low numbered paragraphs) and...


Lai-Ti is the proud owner of one of the three hover cars
which exist on the Island of Aarlach (the other two belong to
the King). As the car speeds rapidly out of Isar, the little man
chatters away constantly about the glorious deed which you
are about to undertake, and how eternally grateful the King is
going to be, and how honoured he is to meet an actual
member of the Promethean Guild.

After a little while, you stop paying attention to his
ceaseless chatter and merely nod and murmur in what you
hope are the appropriate places.

Already Mount Villpus dominates the skyline, its black,
ridged slopes towering above the rest of the island like a
brooding, malignant shadow, ready to blot out the whole
land. It is not long before Lai-Ti brings the hover car to a halt
at the foot of the volcano, and you get out and turn to thank
him, but now he is in no mood for idle talk, and speeds away,
anxious to put as much distance as possible between himself
and the abode of the Sorcerer.

Will you now start to climb up the mountain to try and
discover an entrance to Shargan’s underground fortress? If
so, turn to 191. If you would rather search around the bottom
of the mountain for a cave entrance at its foot, turn to 141.

So then FF blog commentors, up the mountain or search for a cave at the bottom?


  1. Let's do it Firetop Mountain style and go in on the ground level. I choose 141.

  2. You could always walk straight up to the front door and pretend to be a wandering herbalist...

  3. Havent you seen james bond? Usually there's a way in to these bases at the crater. I say climb.

  4. And the public gets what the public wants... let's 141