Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lets Play - Proteus #13, The Shadow of Shargan

Previously on Let's Play PROTEUS #13 The Shadow of Shargan...

The FF commentard collective killed a demon (my handicraft with the dice) then accepted a lift from a stranger in a Traveller air-raft, presumably to go and see some puppies or something. Then the majority of the hivemind decided to start at the bottom of the volcano and work upwards with only one comment suspecting that maybe Shargan had a space rocket-eating bigger space rocket hidden underneath a fake flooded caldera that was actually just painted metal shutters.

An attempt to re-create the opening of Citadel of Chaos by Dr. Bargle was ruled invalid on technical reasons.

New Houseruling

Following from Zhu's comment last episode anybody who can indicate their choice by a song lyric whereby the title of said song indicates the chosen path whilst maintaining allusion to the democratic nature of the voting for choice process wins TEN INTERNETS.

- 141 -

You begin to search around the foot of the volcano,
scrambling over ridges of solidified lava, until you suddenly
come across a small cave entrance. You switch on your torch
and squeeze through the tiny crack to enter a low tunnel, the
walls of which are like black glass. You follow it North for a
short distance, till it opens out into a large, low cavern. Its
rocky floor is almost totally filled by a large pool of dark
liquid. Wisps of smoke rise from its obsidian surface, which
bubbles sluggishly like a simmering cauldron.

You cannot tell whether there are any other exits from the
cavern, so will you circle the pool to investigate the far side?
Turn to 151. Or go back outside and climb the mountain to
try and discover a more promising entrance? Turn to 191.


  1. Like, circle the pool, man, circle the pool.

  2. Circle the pool. Let's investigate!

  3. Yep, other side of the black pool, probably just Thornton-Clevelys, but let's find out!

  4. Oh yeah I'm sure it's just a harmless pool of bubbling black liquid, you get them all the time in caves. Doubtless this Shargan dude has been meaning to clear it up for ages. Let's go back outside and up the volcano.