Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lets Play - Proteus #13, The Shadow of Shargan

We needed a casting vote after two votes apiece for each option, so I chucked a D6. East it is then.


You have gone only a short distance East when the tunnel
opens out into a long, low cave, filled with statues of people.
You hesitate for a moment, but there is no sign of life, so you
venture cautiously forward. Do you wish to examine the
statues more closely? If so, turn to 62. If you would rather
hurry across the cave to the exit you see in the East wall, turn
to 8.


  1. IT'S A TRAP!

    Examine the statues for death and loot!

  2. Yeah let's check them out. Surely one of them must be the guy who gave us a lift to the volcano. And even if a gorgon does get us, we've kept our thumb on the previous paragraph, right?

  3. Smash them! Where else would an evil mastermind keep the only thing that could defeat his wicked plans?