Thursday, 10 March 2011

Right In The Tangley!

Tangley is now my favourite euphemism for vagina and one I intend to slip into normal conversation at every opportunity.

(Unintentionally hilarious advert from White Dwarf 18, April/May 1980)


  1. Based on the few other works by Lawrence Heath I've seen, I'd guess it was intentionally hilarious. The staff and sword are pretty phallic.

    This is along shot but do you know anything about him? He illustrated a ads in WD, the Fantasy Wargaming book by Bruce Galloway, and that's about it. He may have done other work for the publisher Patrick Stephens, but I don't know for sure. More of his stuff here:

    Anyway I'll make a note of "tangley" ; never heard that one.

  2. Cheers for that link Mike, not seen it before. I did suspect that Heath might have done some work for the PROTEUS gamebook magazine (the style is reminisicent of artwork from that) but I've just checked my PDF copies of such as it appears not. I know absolutely nothing about him! Zhu Bajiee might know more though, no doubt he'll post if he does.

  3. Saying that, it's not 100% obvious that the figure tied to the altar is female :)

  4. Alan,

    It's naked (or at least semi-naked), tied to an altar, about to be sacrificed by evil things, there are phallic things pointing at it, it's in an old White Dwarf. It's clearly from the Wonder Woman cover school of art and really not going to be a bloke!