Monday, 4 April 2011

Today is Monday, Monday Yesterday Was Sunday, Sunday, That Means Saturday was the Day Before That

I had hoped to be blogging today about Afternoon Play, a Eurogames meet held on the first Sunday of the month at Urban Coffee Company in central Birmingham but...

...I'd still been out drinking in Brum at 2 o' clock on Sunday morning so never made it. (Also, it was a showery day and I didn't fancy self and games getting saturated whilst walking from the train station). Maybe next month. I would have been taking Citadels and Risk Express and maybe Dungeonquest.

And a game of Friedrich at Stourbridge on Friday got cancelled due to lack of players so that was a pretty disappointing gaming weekend all told really. (But a good home match at the Albion with us beating Liverpool followed by birthday bash at the Glee Comedy Club made up for it).

I did get to do some gaming last week on Tuesday at Dudley Darklords with a game of Cold War Commander against Webby. This was the third game of a new project that Web dreamt up, that of mixing the "anything goes" fictional bush war nature of AK-47 Republic with the "we like these" nature of the CWC rules. A jumble of 1:72 ex-American and ex-Soviet tanks and the Republic of N'Bungitupa went to war under my command and achieved very little. It's a refreshing change to that of playing with the usual NATO supertanks and little mans that generally do what you tell them to. We have a gentleman's agreement not to pick any forces that look halfway decent. My most useful units were SU-100s (not even proper tanks) and a MiG-21 Fishbed (flown by N'Bungitupan air ace Wing Commander Tallyho Choksawai) which sort of sums it up.

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