Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Apartment New Danger

Stuff that went in the skip would reduce hardened Grognards to tears. Stuff with resale value on eBay but I couldn't be arsed. It just keep going, crash after crash after spillage of metal and paint and plastic and the fluttering of ripped paper. Wonderful life de-clutter.

I have a flat on the waterfront and I have pet(*) swans. You might have all your old figures and ton of gaming material you'll never touch again in the closet but do you have swans? No. (**)

Feels good man.

The RPG Shelf

As part of newly-imposed apartment lifestyle self-discipline I have a single shelf for RPG material in A4-ish sized books. No overspill is allowed. If it's new and doesn't fit, something goes to make way. End of. I'm even slightly annoyed that there are three copies of original-and-best WFRP there. (One hardback with colour plates and loads of mistakes, two poverty model softbacks). Following on from that...

No RPGs as reading material

If its to be bought, its with the intention of being played. None of this nonsense of buying an RPG "just to read" or "just to see what it's like". I could have picked up a second-hand copy of Pendragon for £15 on Saturday but resisted. I ain't going to play it. For reading entertainment buy novels. Left Pendragon in the second-hand box for somebody who might play her.

Out with figures

I have no facility to spray in the flat (no balcony and spraying out of the window is going to create problems with blowback and parked cars underneath). So figure gaming is pretty much going to be on the back burner for a long time. To be honest, I feel like this is a weight off my shoulders when I think of the storage problems, clutter and guilt at the unfinished projects. Feels good man.

(In the week that GW discontinue metal. Curious but unrelated. And I finally lost interest in GW in the month that WD stopped being stocked in WHSmiths. Also curious and also unrelated.)

Dining Table.

I has one. Never had one before. Not very big (90cm x 50cm) but I has one.

No more old consoles.

Incomplete Amiga and Atari Jaguar - skip. N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, SNES + Super Wildcard, Atari 5200, NES, several hundred game - Charidee shop. PS2 is on the slide and will go to the tip when it's laser finally gives up the ghost.

New life, new gaming.

I think it will be boardgaming, RPGs and MtG (premade decks only) in the future.

Kindle WiFi

Bought with birthday money. Makes it much more practical to buy download PDFs.

So you moved home. Whoopie-Shit Coop.

It's more than that. It's a new start in a new town and a massive junking of impedimenta. It's the end of a long period where I was owned by possessions not the other way around where total crap was kept because I felt it ought to be, where I found things that had been stored for 8/9 years and not once looked at nor used in all the time since I had bought the original house. This is just fucking idiocy. And I blame gaming.

NEXT WEEK - UK GAMES EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(He never fucking learns that boy).

(*) - ish. I suspect Her Maj owns them.
(**) - probably. Unless you are the Queen.