Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blanchitsu - The Warlock (1986)

Yep, been very quiet for a bit. Sorry about that. Living out of cardboard boxes is not really conducive to gluing and painting and gaming.

By way of recompense have this cover scan and article from Warlock 10 (Jun/July 1986) which is pure 80s Blanchitsu so will delight everyone except for the heretical Darth Phil who will just grumble at me instead and tell me to develop some good taste.


  1. This Darth Phil is a heretic indeed. Blanchitsu is what's happening, as the kids might have said.

  2. It is true, I am a heretic. However I wasn't going to say anything bad other than I do remember having this issue of Warlock, but don't remember the article or the D&D solo adventure!