Thursday, 30 June 2011


Posted because otherwise you would never believe it (unless you were there of course). Back in WD95 (November '87 - the WFB3 launch issue) this was the official, "Chapter Approved" way of making Space Marine vehicles.

On the subject of which, here's a spy shot from deep within the midden of Coop Towers II.


  1. Ah yes, the original Land Speeder. I also recall the cardboard Baneblade from White Dwarf #132, something I like to bring up when people online complain about card vehicles in 40K.

  2. Ahh those were the days. When GW was happy to be a community hub for miniature wargaming, the took their profit and thanked us with stuff like this. Now that they are run by bean counters and attorneys and not geeky gamer guys they are constantly searching for ways to capture 100% of the profit, to milk their customers to death, to grind every single penny ... all in the name of shareholder return. Too bad those wonderful days of a fun company run by geeks are long gone :(

  3. That's brilliant! I particularly like Rick Priestley's facial expression in the first panel - what is going on there?

    Thanks for this, and also for your Rick Priestley wargame interview which was a lot of fun to read.

    Lastly, I recently mined your classic British OSR post here:

    For a South Australian perspective here:

    [Don't worry, there'll be an Iron Maiden post soon too! And Motorhead!]



  4. Just realised the third panel has Zoids - didn't realise they were synchronous canon with the grim dark future of 40K? ;-)

  5. A bit before my time, unfortunately, but I knew it was out there and it's lovely to see it again. And is that a distant ancestor of the "it'll never fly!" Stormraven I see on the third page there?

  6. I haven't played 40k in years, but I have a couple of these in my army. I can't imagine playing without them. I think, for me, the making of these vehicles, making terrain, and doing mini conversions is the essence of 40k. In the absence of those things, I don't want to play.