Thursday, 14 July 2011

Another of Zak's Great Ideas

Over at D&D with Pornstars.

Follow the link for the full-size. A campaign map using inspirational images scaled to show the relevant spatial relationships and relative proportions of the different geographical areas of the map. A really, really neat little idea that makes me want to leap on Google Images and start building worlds. Some people in the comment thread suggest that you need proper hexes and scales and plausible physical geography but in all honesty this is all I would ever need or want.

That boy has more brilliant ideas for RPGing than can surely be contained with one skull.


  1. I own Vornheim and follow his blog but until this moment, it hadn't occurred to me to actually make a map in this fashion. I think I need to try!

  2. Yeah, I don't see the point of detailed and accurate distances either. This does exactly what I want a campaign map to do; tell me what the individual areas are like and how they relate to each other.

    A couple of weeks ago there was a rash of blog posts about doing dungeons in a similar way, dispensing with the in-betweeny stuff and just mapping out the interesting locations. Here's one example.

  3. Interesting link that Kelvin, very much like the maps of old Spectrum text adventures that I used to draw out with a WHSmiths flowchart template. This sort of thing

    I've often wondered if I could get any with something that "lite" for a scenario map.

  4. That hadn't occurred to me, but yes, the approach is very similar to those old text adventures. My guess is that with only 48k of memory to play with, they didn't want to waste any of it on featureless corridors, so what you'd get in a game would be only the interesting locations. The end result is a similar type of map.

  5. for the record, i do use fix distances and detailed maps. I just start with something more vague until i need a map for a particular area.