Sunday, 10 July 2011

To The Games Shop On The Train

I went into Birmingham yesterday on the train to go to Waylands Forge, my FLGS. There's normally nothing noteworthy about this (I'm there quite often) but yesterday was the first time I'd been since moving gaff.

This meant that I'm now living by another train line so have the dubious pleasure of arriving at Brum via the dread hole that is New Street Station. Anybody who has ever travelled on a cross-country train to Brum will be familiar with the trainbound arrival at England's second city - dingy, stinking underground platforms and escalators up to the world's most dated 1960s shopping centre before being disgorged into a crowded pedestrian ramp down into the pedestrianised centre of the city.

Until I moved gaff I used to live on the so-called Jewellery Line that brings you into the city either via the somewhat bright and airy Snow Hill or the charming Edwardian station at Moor Street. Both were pleasant ways to arrive in Brum, New St. is not.

But, and here's the big but, back in the 1980s my mate Jamie and I used to catch the train to go to Games Workshop and in those days New St. was the terminus for our route not Snow Hill.

So stepping off the train at that station to go to the gaming shop was like stepping back 25 years in time and took me back to days of daysaver train/bus tickets and spending £2.50 on a blister of five figures.

New St. is currently being rebuilt, the plan is to basically rip off the entire top and expose it to sunlight and that will be an improvement long overdue, but just this once it was nice to arrive in the old dump and be reminded of the old happy times of the cheap train ride to GW in the Pallasades.

While I was there (Waylands not GW circa 1987), I bought this.
110 plastic figures for a mere £45. From a fantasy games company I like a lot, have high hopes for and appreciate their value for money pricing. Which I carried home on a train from New St. having breathed in all that diesel muck from the dim half-light of the subterraean platforms. Made me feel like it was 1987 again...


  1. Have you played Kings of War itself? I'm intrigued by it in comparison to GW's systems, not least because it's free.

  2. Not played it. Have got KoW and the beta of it's 40K equivalent, Warpath but had no opportunity to try either. I like it's chess clock idea very much.

  3. I do like the idea of set unit sizes that Kings of War uses. The ballooning unit sizes in WFB are the biggest bane of 8e, which otherwise I am quite keen on.

  4. I do believe you had stirling service at Waylands Forge as well. With a smile and everything. :-)

    The Mantic figures are lovely. I'm really enjoying painting the dwarfs I have as I've given them a nice simple colour scheme which means I can paint one in about 20 minutes. Give it a wash of Delving Muck and jobs a good 'un.

    I do want to get their new undead box for the Wraiths and cavalry. Their 'not-finecast' stuff is really nice.