Monday, 22 August 2011

The Lichway

The Lichway - Albie Fiore's classic scenario from White Dwarf 9, Oct/Nov 1978. The first of the great scenarios that WD became known for.

The trouble with posting about The Lichway is that I'd feel a fraud talking about it as I wasn't there Back In The Day so can't really offer an opinion on it's influence. Older and wiser heads would just shake sadly. Instead I'll just leave these here so you can appreciate it yourself.

POP QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - For whom does The Lichway directly lead to a knighthood? I mean a real one, in the real world with the Queen and a sword and everything - answer is below...

Our later-to-be-knighted-pop-quiz-question-answer was once invited by a neighbour to play in some strange new American game called Dungeons and Dragons and the scenario the DM neighbour was running was of course The Lichway. Instantly made a fan of D&D, this individual decided to take up the DM's mantle himself and created a world full of slightly off-beat creations.

One of his creations was a in-game justification of the "Vancian" one shot magic system of D&D. In his gameworld, spells were effectively demons that took up temporary residence inside your brain and exited once cast, memorizing the spells in the first instance being a process of encouraging the sentient spell to leave the page of the spellbook and climb inside the MU's head.

His campaign also involved luggage made from sapient pearwood, an upside mountain and the whole thing was flat, disc-shaped and carried on the back of four elephants, who were themselves atop a giant turtle swimming in space.

The Lichway was massively influential upon Britgaming, but even more influential upon the stock lists and future profits of WHSmiths.


  1. I was there Back In The Day, and White Dwarf rocked. The Lichway rocked.

    So much fun to play... White Dwarf had such a nice variety of content and such great playable content!

  2. Thanks CD, I'm always on the look out for quick and easy intro adventures for future campaigns. This one looks ideal.

  3. Yes, The Lichway is a great! I ran it at a convention last year, and the players absolutely loved their characters' glorious deaths at the hands of hundreds of ... well, you know!

  4. Yep, I've used this a dozen or more times. In fact it's about time to take it for another spin.

  5. Just one of many good dungeons that appeared in White Dwarf. It is a pity that nothing will ever be done to bring this other classics back into print. In the meantime, would relish the opportunity to run or play this again...

  6. The Lichway is my favourite adventure of all time! Played it as an 11 year old newcomer and have run it with every new group I DM for. Greed = mayhem!