Monday, 3 October 2011

Tales from the Maelstrom Interviews Rick Priestley

Assuming that you haven't already seen it, then this is a excellent interview with RP and well worth reading;

Some great views "behind the scenes" regarding the creation of 40K and, more importantly, how Rick intended it to be played in the first place. It strikes me that Mr. Priestley is far happier now that he can be (to adopt a phrase that the OSR like to bandy around with respect to Gary Gygax) Gamer Rick rather than Workshop Rick.

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  1. "The game was written as a skirmish wargame for about thirty models a side. That’s about the size we used to play. Again – it wasn’t expected to sell, so there was no imperative to facilitate huge games. I don’t think huge vehicles work at all – unless you really do have very large battlefields – games break down when the size of a vehicle starts to intrude upon weapon ranges and figure moves. Bit odd when a pistol shot can’t go from one end of a tank to the other!"

    This was the bit I found interesting. Small vehicles - walkers and rhinos (I suppose) are okay but the current trend to have a car park of vehicles was no way intended. Really makes me want to play a game of Rogue Trader...