Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gary Chalk Interview at DFB Studio Blog

Unfortunately all I seem to be doing these days on this particular blog is linking to interviews elsewhere! Anyway DFB Studio has a brief interview with Gary Chalk here.

I particularly like this bit...

I find the modern Warhammer worlds mind-numbing dull, but since they have been specifically designed to appeal to twelve year old boys, rather than sad old gits like me, that’s not really very suprising. As for White Dwarf, it isn’t really a magazine, it’s a monthly product catalogue and a very well designed one at that.

I don’t think that Workshop products have been made to appeal to adult gamers for years. Adults are no longer their target market. If adults want to buy their products, no doubt they are pleased, but their buyers are adolescent boys who buy boxes of orcs for about two years until they discover girls.

Mr. Chalk tells it like it is.

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  1. Funnily enough, I've been involved a very similar conversation here, to which I'd add the addendum that the 40K background makes all the sense that it's ever going to make when you're about thirteen and ought to stop making sense by the time you're twenty at the latest. It's lurid, gothic, over-the-top, horrifically bloated - it could be peeled back to twenty or so pages plus illustrations from the second edition books (all the short stories and most of the full-page art splats) and it would still serve its purpose, with everything else becoming apparent from the mechanics of stuff in play.

    WFB is marginally better, if only because of WFRP and Jack Yeovil exploring what happened away from the battlefields - it's not shackled with that THERE IS ONLY WAR disclaimer. It feels like a fuller, richer world, even though it's so much smaller. Everything I said about 40K still applies to it though.