Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I have no idea who does but I do know that it's a fantastic name for a Brit Old School blog, it turned up in my referrals history and it collects RSS links to lots of Brit OSR and White Dwarf alumni blogs. Worth bookmarking.

EDIT - Oh hang on, it's Zhu Bajiee.


  1. Oh no - I've been outed!

    It's still a bit crazy with the templates and whatnot, but there's something fun about seeing what all the old school crew are up to in one huge great infodump.


  2. Wasn't the Owl and Weasel what eventually became the magazine White Dwarf? Or've I got some wires loose?

  3. When I was with Ian Livingstone at the weekend he showed me his very original copies of the Owl and Weasel. I got to hold the very first copy he had when it all started. They are worth a fair mint these days. He explained how he set it all himself, set the letraset, used rotring pens to do the borders etc. If I remember he said only a few thousand were printed in the larger format. If you have the smaller A5 ish booklet then it is a re-print.

    1. I have the first editions of The Owl and Weasel including the A4 format. Are they really worth much?