Monday, 7 November 2011

Random stuff

Stuff thought about whilst dozing under the fever dream influence of cold remedy, ibuprofen and Deep Heat.

- I now have a 2nd Edition DMG which cost me £5, mint. Late model WotC "stopgap" printing on shiny toilet paper. While it's no reflection upon the quality of the material therein, I have to declare 2E DMG to be the least inspiring rolegame rulebook I've ever seen. Dull illustrations, no sense of wonder. Nothing leaps out and tells you that you want to play this game. Clearly CHA was used as a dumpstat.

-Also in my possession is the d20 adaptation of Deathtrap Dungeon. Review following at some point in the future.

-The Pathfinder starter set covers levels 1-5 and looks to be such an ideal RPG starter set so that it's once again made painfully obvious that Pathfinder is the shittiest name ever given to an RPG and is totally devoid of all mass-market appeal. For Christ's sake, buy the D&D name from WotC (you'd be doing them, us and yourself a favour), rebrand it and make sure it's in WHSmiths and the Argos catalogue for next Christmas).

(Yeah, I know, pipe-dream city and probably the crack pipe at that. But I'm an ill man so let me dream awhile...)

- I've forgotten to mention that I've had the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG for a few months now and it's a nice little package. Maybe review following in a bit. It has a very nice Zak-esque random dungeon generator whereby you drop a bunch of d6s on a piece of paper, each dice fall showing the rough location of a dungeon room with the score read as a d3 to indicate the number of entrances and exits.

- On the subject of Zak-esque dungeon generation, a quick browse through Deviantart turns up all manner of useful stuff for such generationey.

- For the base picture for Zak pictorial dungeon design, try here and scroll down to Magical Pictures and the assorted Magical Landscapes n galleries. I got this image from there which would be a really good portal to about 17 or so one-page dungeons, Caves of Chaos style.

- Finally, I can't remember where I found this, and can't be arsed with tineye-ing it, but they deserve statting up and placing in a dungeon along the Wheelies from Citadel of Chaos.


  1. The earlier printings of the AD&D 2nd edition books had a bit more charm, in terms of graphic design and artwork, but only a bit. The WotC-era ones looked awful.

  2. LOL @ "Clearly CHA was used as a dumpstat"

    And yeah, Pathfinder really is a pretty terrible name (no opinion on the game, I totally missed the 3E era).

  3. Thanks for those landscape links. They'll be seeing a lot of use in my campaign.

  4. I've never really been a D&D person, but I've long had a fondness for AD&D2 and it's wonky blue text; even so, I admit that the DMG was rubbish. As I recall, the only rules material you need from it is the experience point table, and where the first edition version -- and to be fair the Pathfinder equivalent -- is full of advice on how to run the game, the AD&D2 is full of painful, drawn out explanations of the rules that have already been explained in adequate detail in the PHB. Pointless.