Sunday, 25 December 2011


Once upon a time friends used to invite me to the sort of parties where you'd spend all evening in the kitchen and on occasion sneak out and push the car to the end of the street before firing her up in order to put as much time and distance behind you as possible. These days, same friends invite me to the birthday parties of small children just before Christmas which, of course, means that I pick up every bloody cold, sniffle and bug that is in circulation amongst small children.

Currently Grandfather Nurgle has lost interest in my nose and throat and decided to take up residence in my sinuses and squeeze them until the pips squeak. Arse.

Not much blogging recently, but ironically lots of gaming it's just that little of the gaming is of interest.

This season I have mainly been gaming Black Powder using 15mm American Civil War toys. Which is a truly brilliant game but probably of no interest to blog readers. It isn't even worth uploading pretty pics of the toy soldiers as I didn't do the painting (they are all second-hand).

Also Magic The Gathering has been played a lot but that's with the standard pre-made decks so of no consequence to blogging whatsoever. Last night, friends and I got in games of Ticket to Ride Europe and Condottiere, also of zero blogging interest.

Perhaps this is a corollary of some kind - the more I game, the less I blog. The more I blog, the less I game. Blogging perhaps fills the gap created by not gaming.

Anyway, I don't really have anything to blog about, can't think of all interesting projects to blog about and don't know when this will change. Normal service will be resumed at some future point presumably.

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  1. I'd be interested in your musings on Black Powder.