Thursday, 1 December 2011

Three Totally Unconnected Things

Call me slow on the uptake, but I've only just noticed that if you play a DVD through VLC Media Player you can snapshot any frame.

This could be very useful (not to mention time-sucking-up) for Zak-type pictorial dungeon design.

Secondly and totally unrelated to the previous erm, thing, one of John Blanche's original pieces for Clash of the Princes is up on eBay, starting at £129. Were it from Sorcery! I'd be very interested, I'm less enthusiastic about CotP having never owned the books. Props to Zhu for noticing this.

And lastly if you are the guy who keeps coming to fightingfantasist looking for (quote) "hinpo porno" (unquote), no it doesn't turn up anything interesting for me in Google Images either and it took me fucking ages to work out why half the results are mine.

(Because of the old Barrabang Hinpo Garrabang chant in Temple of Terror. Told you Mr. EIDOS man was sneaking something dodgy in there).


  1. I didn't know that about VLC, thanks for the tip. :-)

  2. The Sorcery! artwork would be amazing.

    CoTP is a bit thin on flavour, and the 2-player mechanic is not really used enough to make it more fun than playing a FF book collaboratively, but the illustrations are ok.

    Strangely JB also provided another Wizard/Warrior 2 player gamebook "Glade of Dreams" with internal illustrations - probably the weakest from him I've seen, tho' the covers are nice.