Monday, 2 January 2012

Open Table 2012

I'm thinking of going "open table" for this year - that is run D&D games on an occasional basis rather than with any regularity and for whoever turns up. The sort of game that gets announced via social media or a simple cc list of interested email addresses and we play with whoever can make it.


I'm in the Black Country region of England, in the Dudley/Tividale/Tipton area. I have wheels and can travel, but they are two-seater sportscar wheels which limits the number of people I can give lifts to. I am a member of Stourbridge Wargames club, this meets on Fridays in Amblecote, Stourbridge (a mile or so walk from the bus and rail station) and that might be an option as it gives us as many tables and chairs as required for a £2 per head room hire charge (under 16s £1). It can be a little noisy at times though. But probably better than Coop Towers II which is a one-bedroom apartment and lacking in sufficient furniture for a six player D&D session.


It would be D&D of some flavour, probably an unholy mish-mash of Red Box, B/X, Labyrinth Lord and Swords & Wizardry. And it would be unashamedly "megadungeon" in style. I envisage each session being an expedition into a megadungeon with some form of mechanism to ensure that everyone is out by close of play. (For the record, possibly the solution given in Shaggrad's Hives of Peril - one of the scenarios from the original Fighting Fantasy RPG - in which the party are working under a timed teleport spell and will be magically transported to the surface after a pre-agreed interval of time has elapsed).


Periodically. Definately not when West Brom are playing at home. But if there is interest we could see when people are free and whether people prefer weekends or weeknights.


I can't commit regular time to RPG campaigning. Probably, neither can you.


You can register interest by commenting in the comments field or emailing me at o_cooperATyahooDAWTcom.


  1. I'm interested. You know where to find me.

  2. sounds like an excellent idea, now I just need something similar in Leicester