Friday, 17 February 2012

Space Skaven

Regular readers of the blog will be aware of fightingfantasist's firm admiration for Nottinghamshire's Arch-Troll Ronnie Renton and that his determination to cause as much discomforted gnashing of teeth at his ex-employer as is humanly possible is pretty on a par with that of a ex-News International supergrass.

Yeah, well he's done it again. This time by announcing that the secretive "8th race(*)" for Warpath (although actually the 4th faction to be announced - I am currently examining this discrepancy for any evidence of some form of veiled dig at the Evil Empire) is going to be something called "Veer-myn".

We like this. This is pretty much what we expected ever since Skaven's omission from the 40K background as a playable race even though it was bloody obvious in 1987 that a fantasy faction with horde infantry, poison gas, grenades and flamethrowers would be a perfect fucking fit for a game in which all the other fantasy factions get poison gas, grenades and flamethrowers.

I'm going to stick my neck out here and so Coop's Old Peculiar Almanack predicts that the fifth Warpath faction (which will probably be called something like "3rd race" or "19th race" will be a load of power armoured, super Marine women in plastic.

(*) Pedantry corner. Let's get this right once and for all. Race refers to the various ethnicities of the human animal. Species refers to different creatures. Orcs and Elves are not races, they are species.


  1. i really like these, would love to have a crack at painting some
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  2. Does the race-for-species word usage bother you? It does me. I wonder why it happens, and if it's just because 'species' is too 'scientific' a word for fantasy settings?

  3. the fifth Warpath faction will be a load of power armoured, super Marine women in plastic.

    Ha! I hadn't considered that, but it would certainly fit with what they've done so far.

  4. Epic Trolling™ aside, Sk- err, Rats... in Space is really pretty awesome. And the miniatures look great.

    ... So I'm NOT the only one who hates all sentient SPECIES in fantasy settings being called "races."

  5. Liking the space ratman greens. They look like they'd be easy enough to drop into your fantasy ratman army (if such a thing was theoretically ever produced by a wargames company).

    I think you're fighting the tide on the race-vs-species thing Coop. Wobbly nomenclature like 'human race' (as in "exterminate the...") may be technically incorrect, but has a long pedigree in sci-fi.

  6. A) Bravo on pointing out a super obvious yet AMAZINGLY LONG LIVED error on the gaming company distinction between race and species. I totally agree ... why has no one ever been able to get that one right? B) I think your on the money with the prediction about the sisters ... *crosses fingers* ... these days I care less and less about GW and like more and more about what I'm seeing out of Mantic.

  7. I've long been on a one-man crusade to compromise with these "Orc is a race!" people and push the word FACTION which is actually more flexible - Imperial faction, Brettonian faction, Dogs of War faction etc.

    Don't get me started on the BBC and their use of "citizens" to describe Britons who are actually "subjects" since they reside in a monarchy and not a republic.

  8. Flippant though I may be, I'm somewhat semi-serious about plastic female Marines - GW have never bothered to do plastic Sisters of Battle (or if they have, they've done them so recently that I haven't noticed)

  9. I'm a geneticist by trade and of all the mumbo jumbo GW come out with to do with biology race/species is perhaps the least contentious. It's a fantasy game not a science fiction one, it is grounded if at all in literature not biology. Who says the species of Man? No we say the Race of Man, the Race of Eldar, it sounds better.

  10. "GW have never bothered to do plastic Sisters of Battle"

    I did them for Epic (or, at least, Epic for HOTT) by just creatively painting Space Marines and assuming that no-one would look too closely.