Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Writers Block so Instead Fantasy Octopodes

Warlock 10's Fighting Fantasy adventure "Rogue Mage" by Graham Davies has this paragraph.

It's a Man - It's an Octopus - It's an Octopus Man - It's a Man-Octopus!

I had assumed that was just a two-tentacled octopus thing with a human face on it, but perhaps it's supposed to be a human torso and legs with an two-tentacled octopus with a human face on it. I think I prefer the former. Intelligent? Maybe, but I prefer the idea of the face being an idiot, drooling one which is more horrific.

Rogue Mage is a solo for one Level 1 Fighter which is probably the why the attacks only do d3 damage each so I'd beef the damage up to 1-6/1-6. What weapons? Probably sharp bits of coral, crustacean shell or rusty metal ripped off sunken ships.

B/X Stats follow

Man-Octopus - AC:7, HD:2, Att:2 Weapons, Dmg:1-6/1-6, No. Appearing:, Save As:F1, M:9, Treasure Type: No idea, Al:C

Also have this Gary Harrod picture from PROTEUS 6 - The Fortress of Kruglach of a Giant Cycloptic Octopus aka MOAT MONSTER in PROTEUS-speak.

(Treat as B/X Giant Octopus - it's probably crapper with missile weapons than a regular two-eyed Giant Octopus but in honesty this is highly unlikely to ever be important).

Lastly the third right arm of a male octopus is usually his penis so for shits and giggles any octopus encountered by the PCs is male on a 4-6 on d6. This means that any blow from his tentacle should be accompanied by a roll of d8 - on a 8 the PC has been struck by a Giant Octopus Cock which has no real in-game effect save for the embarrassment factor which will doubled should be the penis blow prove fatal.


    I read that as just a reg'lar octopus body with the normal 8 tentacles, but just two of them are holding "a weapon", the other 6 being occupied with holding cigar, martini glass, monocle &c.

    Being brutally honest, it was a rubbish sentence so either interpretation is valid.

  2. On a similar matter I've being driving past a pub/restaurant on the commute that appears to offer MANCOURSES which sound pretty hefty but then I did notice that is was actually MAIN COURSES but it was just that they'd rammed all the letters together to fit on the chalkboard.

  3. Where can I get this solo adventure?

  4. Grungi,

    It's in Warlock number 10 which was a UK Fighting Fantasy magazine that ran for 13 issues (quarterly then bi-monthly) in the mid 1980s. Each issue had a 200 pt FF adventure. All the issues are, to put it euphemistically, "floating around".

  5. Thx, I will search for it.