Saturday, 14 April 2012

Prescience in IMAGINE

This quote is from IMAGINE 22 (January 1985) in an article called 'Solo Voyages' by Graeme Davis & Colin Greenland.

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I'd say that was pretty damn prescient for something written in late 1984 even though it probably appeared fanciful for a long time. For the record on my pocket computer I downloaded the new, revised Keep of the Lich Lord yesterday ready for play on the train.

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  1. Hope you're enjoying it (Lich Lord, I mean). I downloaded it but I haven't compared it thoroughly to the original book yet. In the longer term, I think we'll see more gamebooks being released in ebook (rather than app) format as the devices will soon catch up with the minimal functionality required to run a gamebook. And I get the sense that most gamebook fans don't really want to pay extra for colour artwork and animated dice, nice as such features may be, as it's the text itself that matters. Time will tell...