Tuesday, 24 April 2012

SquadronUK Defeated!

Some sad news from Simon Burley, co-creator of 80's Brit favourite Golden Heroes - GW's legal department have cracked down upon SquadronUK, Simon's modern-rerelease-with-the-name-filed-off version despite having been told about the launch of the game years ago.

Simon's post on RPG.net about the bad news is here - http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?619361-Squadron-UK&p=15248391#post15248391.

I've never owned Golden Heroes but it was being pushed heavily in the first few White Dwarfs that I bought so it always looked intriguing especially with the excellent comic book art that GW used on the rules and various supplements. Did you know that it was picked up by Workshop as part of a masterplan to get the Marvel license?

I have SquadonUK in PDF having bought it recently but haven't had chance to sit down and have a serious look at it. Might be a collectors item now! :(


  1. I have Golden Heroes. Had fun with with it. I read about the Squadron UK debacle (the best word for it) the other day. Very sad to see it go.

  2. That's such a shame. GW have no plans to (re)release Golden Heroes. In this case copyright law is not being used to protect a 'piece' of intellectual property (or 'culture', as we used to say), but to 'vanish' it, to erase it.

    If a mainstream publishing house let an author's work fall out of print nearly 30 years ago, and refused to talk sensibly about returning the rights to the author, and if they were doing this in order to 'vanish' the book so as to protect the profits of other, quite different books that they publish, we'd call them, well... barbarians at the very least.

  3. I was in Burton at the weekend at Beer and Pretzels. Someone (who may have been Simon Burley) was running a demo/ playtest of Squadron UK. One of the players during the day was Pete Haines. Thought that was pretty cool.

  4. Simon Burley is running Squadron UK at UK Games Expo next weekend. There is (at time of writing etc.) a spare seat in one of his games but it's part 2 of a scenario where part 1 is sold out :(

  5. Very interesting... So although he can't sell the game he is happy to run it. Fair enough. It's a good game.