Thursday, 17 May 2012


Been distracted recently from Brit Old School stuff. Because of;

I've had Battletech so long, unplayed, that not only is there a new version out but I own the intro boxes of both the previous versions without ever having played it. I am making a vow to actually pull finger out of arse (not literally - this is merely a quaint turn of phrase) and play it. The above three are the three I've painted most recently and behind them you can see that I've even gone as far as to acquire the first 12 episodes of Robotech (99p off eBay) for "research".

It's... hmmm...

Robot fights good. Teen drama poor.

Anyway, while talking about figure painting...

New Citadel Agrax Earthshade ≠ Devlan Mud.

This is seriously fucking bad news. Never mind the impending implosion of the Euro and subsequent estimated cost to the global economy of one, trill-i-on dollars or the fact that Woy has decided that John Terry is fit to represent his coutry this is the really bad fucking news. Despite what GW claim, Agrax is thinner, dries to a lighter shade and doesn't appear to be as eager to flow into fine detail like Devlan did. The fuckers of GW strike again. This is potentially the point at which I down brushes and never paint again.

Happily, I received an order of Army Painter Quickshade Ink Strong Tone today which having thrown on an SJG OGRE Miniatures tank this evening has behaved identically to Devlan. Until a couple of months ago this would have meant that I had no reason to ever darken the doors of GW again except that the rest of their new range is actually really bloody good and I'm using a lot of it. The fuckers of GW strike again. More impending attacks of  No, I'm not painting anything at the moment fuck off.

Actually I am. This year I've painted more stuff at the the fastest painting rate I've ever managed. As a result I've been on a splurge all through 2012 and painted like a mad bastard in the interests of getting as much lead and plastic (don't do Finecast)  finished off before the steam all runs out and I don't look at a brush for six months.

Weirdly enough this stage hasn't struck yet and I've finally worked out why and that's weirder still.

It comes down to this - I don't have a permanent painting/hobby setup in the new flat unlike the spare room I had at the old Coop Towers.

This is completely backwards but I've realise it makes perfect sense. At the moment I paint on a cheap plastic tea tray from Tescos placed on the dining table. As this has to be cleared away periodically (i.e. to eat things) this has forced a strict discipline and forwards planning on my painting. The result is that I paint one small chunk of a project at a time and get the required paints out first. This is the complete opposite situation that what existed before whereby a 15 foot worksurface would progressively get cluttered up with the work in progress of a dozen painting, slotcaring and general household tasks before running out of space, not returning to the worksurface and generally leaving projects to gather dust. These days if I start something, it has to be finished and I'm finding it generally is.


  1. Vellajo produce a brown ink was which is the equal of Devlan mud in their Game Colour range. If you can't track down the brown gold that is Devlan Mud, I reccomend Vellajo brown as the closest alternative.

  2. I'm now thinking that Army Painter Strong Tone Ink _is_ Devlan Mud. I noticed after posting this last night that on the side of the bottle is states "MADE IN FRANCE" which strongly suggests it's from the same factory that produced the previous range of GW paints. I know that's not conclusive but I reckon it's come from the same tap.

  3. Army Painter Strong Tone, Army Painter Strong Tone...

    Must remember this for when my last bottle o' mud runs out.

  4. Hmm kinda related but in your knowledge of all things eighties do you remember a live action / animated show with mechs and Marines's bugged me for years that I can't remember it all I can really recall is a white robot with an annoying voice like starscream.

    And that it was cool.

    I like the paint-job! Are the latest version of battletech any easier to play?

  5. probaby no where near what your thinking of Minitrol, but for some reason "machine men" a.k.a. "gobots" popped into my head.

    when i think back to my childhood i remember watching this cartoon just before heading out the door for school.

    Robotech was my weekend ritual :)

  6. I checked those out but I am 85% certain it was live-action at least in part.

  7. Although...attached to one of the people who had uploaded a go-bots link was a shoddy link then another user then a subscriber comment led me to this:


    Thanks The One you helped solve a mystery bugging me for 5 years!

    (sorry for the extreme tangent Mr Coop)

  8. Hah - wasn't that the show where you bought a gun to shoot at the screen.

    Now we're trying to track down obscure 1980s robot programmes - I remember one where a group of puppets flew around space in transforming ships/suits/robots, and they had a mate/ally who was a big hairy orang-utan/wookie thing. In one episode, which emotionally affected me, he sacrificed himself for the 'human' puppets and spiralled off into space, shipless, suitless, to oblivion.

    Anyone? ;-)

  9. No idea why anyone is asking me about TV programmes, it's nearly three years since I've had a television that was actually plugged into an aerial! :)

  10. I have recently picked up two pots of Devlan Mud of eBay for three quid each. I find that the Vallejo brown wash is nowhere near as good for 28mm figures but does seem fine for 10mm.

    Owen, we will have to have a discussion about the Army Painter stuff. Very interested.

    Re: Battletech. Over the years I've bought at least three editions and I've never really got into it. I think it's just not for me. I really don't like the damage system as there is no real skill involved.

    Robotech. Last Friday I picked up all 85 episodes of the Macross Saga in a charity shop. For £4.99. Loving it.

  11. Minitrol, i'd completely forgotten about that live action show. i remember that i was really impressed as a young boy with the intro to the show, but then terribly disappointed with the story.

    Suppose this is one of the problems with having a comments section hey Coopdevil the conversation can go anywhere :)

    promise this is the last mention of 80's cartoons ok.

  12. I'm in a similar place: the new paints are great... but the suggestion that they contain colors that substitute well for the old colors is a filthy goddamn lie.