Saturday, 30 June 2012

Been Playing With Magic Set Editor

Which is a really easy to use tool for faking up Magic cards and creating tokens (of which you can never have enough). Whatever art you want on tokens? Well, it was always going to be Brit-Art wasn't it?

(Adeptus Titanicus cover)

(Chaos Marauders)

(Eeza Ugezod's Black Orc Death Commandos)

(Myrs are like little silvery-white robots. So I went for other silvery white robots)

(Not pictured - Brother Scarface relaxing post-battle with heroic quantities of Bolivian Army Imperial Guard marching powder)

(House of Hell)

(Pedantry corner - Skeletons not Zombies)

(Pedantry corner - Skeletons not Zombies)

(Pedantry corner - Skeletons not Zombies)
(Pedantry corner - GHOUL not Zombie)

(Pedantry corner - Very sick man not Zombie)


(Face it - when you have a token generator that produces BRIAN BLESSED!!!!!! tokens, shit is suddenly going to get NOISY)

Magic Set Editor can be downloaded for Wintel platforms here I printed mine out on El Cheapo colour inkjet, laminated them and inserted them in clear card sleeves with spare MtG cards shoved down the back to stiffen them up and give them the magic logo on their rear. Since they don't have to be shuffled and there is no need for them to be indistinguishable from real cards when face down this is all perfectly adequate for my needs.

Click the pics to get them at 100% size which is scaled perfectly for printing.


  1. An occurred to me earlier this afternoon based on these and our conversations about Ogre/ GEV.

    Basically make little Ogre record sheets, M:TG card size and them mount them and laminate them. They should fit in the proper, classic box (like what I have).

  2. That's perfectly do-able, I've got a scan of OGRE Miniatures and the OGRE stats included are already in a rectangular shape that would scale down OK to M:tG size. I'll sort some out.