Monday, 18 June 2012

Mantic Trolling Again No. 476 of an Occasional Series

I don't really like the line that some miniatures companies take with tournaments, the "you can only use our product ranges". I understand why they say this and respect their right to do so but I don't have to like it so I don't. Because Coop does not do soft opinions.

The rules for the forthcoming Mantic Kings of War tournament in early 2013 say this about which figures you can use;

In addition, 75% of your points must be Mantic miniatures The remaining 25% of your points can be models from other manufacturers.

Which is actually slightly more generous than most manufacturers. Now they also have an army list for humans but don't make any, so the line they take is slightly different here and presumably you'd expect them to allow any human figures of suitable cod-medieval type.

But, this is Mantic arch-trollers of Nottingham and beloved of the blog we are talking about here. The people who's sci-fi wargame of "fantasy in space" goes up past 40,000.

So we get this;

Note on Kingdom of Men
Players who want to take a Kingdom of Men army lists are permitted to use models from the following manufacturers to count towards their 75% - Perry Miniatures, Warlord Games, Conquest Miniatures, Fireforge Games and Victrix.

Which is not only saying "75% of human forces must come from our mates who are manufacturers" but can of course be read from the other end to say "75% of human forces cannot come from the other Nottinghamshire-based manufacturer who we won't mention".

I love these guys. Even their tournament rules troll.


  1. To be honest you'd be onto a good thing using the Victrix and Perry figures. You get so many for so little money they are a good investment. Young Adrian of the Forge bout some Warhammer figures the other day for his Vampire Counts army. 3 figures for £26.00. He bought two boxes. Fortunately it wasn't real money he spent as he'd sold M:TG cards to other geeks like some sort of crack dealer.

    I like the balls of Mantic though. It really is a big Fuck You to Jerkshop. It is also a way of getting more people interested in their rules (hopefully). I don't know anyone who has played them.

  2. Bought a box of Perry "European Mercenaries 1450-1500" the other weekend for the Stourbridge "Italian Wars" project. Very impressed and 40 figures for £18.

  3. you seen mantics kickstarter campaign? its a sign of how strongly people don't want to spend money at the evil empire.

  4. Hey Coop and co I just wrote three posts about Kings of War if you would like to know more:

    I'd be honoured if you took a gander and dropped me a comment!