Saturday, 16 June 2012

Phighting Phantasy Philanthropy

My gaming mate Webby of hailofdepravity gave me these last night...

...which are destined for the Not-Really-A-Nephew-Nephew. I know that he has a few of these already so am hoping that he will pick up on the hint that it might be an idea to distribute the duplicates amongst his friends thus laying the seeds of a new generation of gamers.


  1. Did you hear that the new FF book Blood of the Zombies will have a GREEN SPINE? Joyful.

  2. I wasn't much interested in Blood of the Zombies since I have the original 1980s "if it's not fantasy it's shit" attitude but news of GREEN SPINE is pleasing. Consider it sold to me.

  3. I NEED them to release the ebooks on Android.

    And yes seeding....excellent.

    I started my son with Lego Heroica. LOVES it!

    A bit young for FF I think Lone Wolf will be more his style.

    Sigh. the poor boy doesn't stand a chance when his father is an ubernerd.

  4. Some great titles there - shame some aren't green-backs. They were certainly what drew me to FF whilst browsing the children's fiction section of our local library as a kid.

    Still remember explaining to my Year 5 (primary school) teacher that flicking from page to page was how you read this type of book when asked in reading time - think it was Battleblade Warrior - so good to see the word being spread.

    Seem to remember that library being rather well stocked with FF and Lone Wold books - probably why I remember reading so many of them but have lots of gaping holes in my bookcase!

  5. there was literally a sack full of them, but they'd gone mouldy and those were all i could rescue.

    being a happily childless ubergeek, i do my best to spread the curse to a new generation.

    let me know if you fancy a copy of:

    i've got about 3 of each

  6. Ah, Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game, or, to give it its proper title, HeroQuest Has Been Out of Print for a Decade So No One Will Notice What We've Done.

  7. The D&D board game: I found a bunch of those, and their expansions, in the Works a few years back. I think it might have cost me a tenner for the lot. They remained unplayed in my cupboard for a year or so - I have Heroquest and the expansions, and more flavours of D&D than are in a bag of Revels - before I sold them to make space in my gaming cupboard. Cupboards.

    I started getting bids from Americans, Mexicans and Brazilians. I sent them messages, warning that the postage would be pretty high (£30+ if I remember right). They said "fine", and kept bidding. Makes me wonder if I missed out on a brilliant, underappreciated game. I made a packet, that was promptly recycled into classic Citadel dwarfs.

    I also sold all my Marvel Superheroes RPG and MERP stuff in the same purge. My eBay remorse runs both ways - why did I buy that (for that price), and why oh why did I sell those...

    1. For some reason, the D&D board game wasn't released in the Americas, which will explain the furious bidding.

  8. I saw a remaindered copy of that in Waterstones for months, I think it was down to about £6 at one point but I incorrectly assumed that it was just a crippleware version of 3E - Kelvin later pointed out on this blog that it was WOTC's Heroquest and forehead was banged against tabletop repeatedly at my idiocy.

    Approximately 7200 paragraphs of FF goodness delivered to grateful child this evening, gratified to see how well they went down.

  9. I have one of those D&D boardgames in the left with the Druid expansion. Do you want it?

  10. the expansions go for a lot of money on the ebays, it's supposed to be a good game but despite having a pallet load i've never played it.

    was a big fan of the similarly remaindered heroscape though, which later became a D&D boardgame.